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How many of us know someone close, may be a loved one, friend, or a relative, who has battled cancer or is fighting an autoimmune disease? I have often wondered if our changes in lifestyle, the products we use, and the food we eat is contributing. In the 60s and 70s or even 80s, do you think as many people had all these ailments? The products we use today hurt our health.

Our plastic products are the root cause of our degrading environment. The chemicals and plastics from our products end up in our water supply and our food. Our dangerous products are harming our health, animals in the ecosystem, and our only home -the Earth.

The people who work in the manufacturing factories are often exposed to these chemicals and suffer the most. However, they do not have a voice or a platform to highlight the effects because they are often from developing countries living in abject poverty. They are paying a high price with their health for the products that are sold to us cheap. Nothing is free or cheap – think again who is paying the real cost with their lives for those cheap goods. Our shopping habits hurt our health and wound other human beings.

Our vision at AmerishMarket is to make it easy to buy and sell sustainable products. You are a caring, compassionate and concerned citizen of Earth, and we aim to make it easy for you to make the right choice with your shopping.


Giving Back
Pewter to Plastic

Plastic is the greatest invention, it is the worst invention, it has ushered a new age of public safety by containing contaminants, it has heralded a new age of horror for all animals on the land and the ocean.

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