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Aspire to be part of the solution - the Boyen Slat story of ocean cleanup

Be part of the problem or be part of the solution - the choice is yours. You cannot be indifferent to the problem.

In our acknowledge series we have talked about the large garbage patches in our oceans and devastation plastic waste is causing in our marine ecology. Click on the links if you haven’t read them and want to learn about more.

In this Aspire series, we look at how people around the world are trying to clean it up. Age is no bar to realize that we have a problem. Boyen Slat, a 16 year old Dutch teenager on a diving trip to Greece, saw more plastic under water than marine life. It brought a realization to the enormity of the environmental problem our generation will face. Like many of us, he thought there are great minds at work to solve it until a little research on the many ways being considered to clean up the waste brought up collateral damage the clean up activity would cause as it would use nets to scoop up the plastic along with fishes and turtles and other marine life that came in its way.

Boyen put his university plans and his social life on hold and embarked to design a solution that was not as damaging. Two year later, he has built his design and tested the prototype, learned from it and made design tweaks and is ready to begin the clean up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. You can keep up with the clean up activities here https://www.theoceancleanup.com/milestones/start-pacific-cleanup/

Boyen’s story is inspirational and we can do our part too in solving this problem. We can educate ourselves about what happens to the plastic we use, become mindful and start to observe just how much plastic we use and where can we reduce the use of plastic. Here’s a checklist we have come up with, check it out.

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